Sunday, January 9, 2011

Vulnerability and Worthiness in Our Relationships

View this great 20 min talk about vulnerability on T.E.D. Bren Brown's research is compelling and easy to understand. I think it will touch a place in you and perhaps shed some light on your relationships.

On the topic of horses and vulnerability. I don't think that horses have worthiness issues the way we experience them, but I do think their start in life and how each individual horse handles his "break in belonging" creates part of the foundational personality that we work with.

How did your horses' start in life happen? Were his first weeks and months complicated? What about his weaning, handling or mishandling? I think all of these factors play a role in our horse's confidence and how readily he adjusts and adapts to the constantly changing circumstances he may face throughout his life.

Other than the daily routine of feeding etc, while horses likely don't think and ponder on our human concepts, their whole world revolves around their instinct to survive. Survival is all about managing vulnerability.

How can we apply what Bren is saying to our relationship with the animals and especially the horses in our lives who we expect so much from. Are we listening to their communication and cues about what concerns them or makes them feel insecure? Are we pushing to hard to fast just in general with everything we do? What would happen if we took the time, slowed down and took a more empathetic view point and compassionate approach in how we viewed, resistance, refusal, anger etc? ... and of course with our human counterparts as well.

Remember to "Put the Heart Before the Course™"

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Brene' Brown: The power of vulnerability

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